Visual Artifact Analysis


2. Title of Artifact: “A Nazi Party Rally at Nuremberg”

3. Date: September 19, 1934.

4. Location: Nuremberg, Germany

5. Culture: German

6. Medium: Black and white photo

7. Dimensions of Artifact: Dimensions not known

8. Classification: Still photo from film

9.  Provenance/ownership: The photo is located on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website and I found it on the online exhibition under ‘Nationalism’.

10. Description of History: This still photo from the Leni Riefenstahl film, Triumph of the Will_(1935), of the 1934 party rally at Nuremberg serves many purposes. The rallies were lavish and skillful works of propaganda and over the top spectacles brought to life. This particular photo shows Hitler as one of the center focuses of hundreds of thousands of Nazi soldiers saluting him and showing their unwavering loyalty.  This still from the rally is just one powerful portrayal of the immense power Hitler’s possessed.

11. Further Reading:

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12. Authored by: Addie Perkins, University of Oklahoma, 2/5/2019